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Learning To Persevere At A Young Age

By Bailey Zenk Growing up in the world of softball was a positive experience in my early childhood, but then, like so many athletes, I was exposed to the hyper-competitive elite summer leagues and expensive travel teams that changed everything for me….and not in a good way. As a young girl growing through all of ... Read more

Sneak Peek of the Next Generation of iSport360, Launching July 15

Thanks to all of your product feedback, iSport360 will launch a dramatically upgraded version of our product on July 15. Get ready because everything about this new product was developed with you in mind.  Here are some of the highlights: –An engaging Activity Feed where coaches, players and parents can share messages, feedback, practice assignments, training videos and ... Read more

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Kobe on Preparing Your Kids for Adversity

By Ian Goldberg Man do I miss this guy!  The country needs Kobe more than ever.  Can you believe how much our world has changed since he left us just a few months ago?  But, thank goodness for the powerful messages he left with us.  In this clip, Kobe talks about parents stepping back and ... Read more

"Generation Zoom" Steps Up to the Plate...With iPhone in Hand

Ian Goldberg is a sports dad, coach and the Founder of iSport360.  His SportsTech company is helping over 100,000 youth sport coaches, parents and kids share training videos, practice assignments, sticker rewards and a virtual team locker room….through the COVID-19 lockdown and as we return to play. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, iSport360 is ... Read more

What Every Coach Should Be Telling Their Players TODAY 👊❤️✌️

If you’re thinking about how to communicate with your team or your organization during this time of uncertainty and unrest in our country, here’s an idea. Take it and make it your own, but make sure every player receives your message loud and clear. From Coach to the Team…. Regardless of your religion, your nationality, ... Read more

Using Sports To Make The Most Of Lockdown

Thank goodness sports teams are returning to play and there seems to be blue skies ahead.  But Marques Colston reminds parents about the silver lining in our lockdown:  parents and kids have been spending more time than ever playing together.  We shouldn’t let that end as youth sports teams return to play.

A History of Youth Sports in the US

From “Special Report:  Coronavirus puts youth sports on pause”, published by AXIOS, May 11, 2020 Thanks to Axios for giving us some background on the history of youth sports in America.  Especially when we are all longing for simpler times, perhaps we should consider the real purpose of kids playing sports….to stay active, to stay strong and to ... Read more

Make a Move... Because Indecision is a Decision

Thank you to Daron Roberts, NFL coach, author and Harvard Law grad, for reminding us at this challenging time that we all need to get past indecision and “make a move”: in sports, in our career, in our personal lives. Watch his inspirational and motivational video and learn about his recent book launch “Call an Audible” ... Read more

Washington Post Features iSport360

In this dark time without youth sports leagues and games, we can all use a ray of hope.  So thank you to Roman Stubbs and the Washington Post for reminding teams that they can continue to stay connected, stay active and stay strong during this crisis.  Right now we are focused on more skills, more ... Read more

A Touching Tribute To Sports Moms This Mother's Day

Thank you Scheels for a touching tribute to sports moms, many of whom can use some gratitude, appreciation, and love right now. Athletes have always leaned on their moms to make sure the games go on… but during this COVID-19 crisis our young players are leaning on mom for so much more.  Wishing every mom ... Read more

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