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3 Tips for Sports Tryouts

Sports tryouts are approaching and you have those butterflies in your stomach. Spring time is finally in the air and youth sports are getting back outside. And now the dreaded and stressful tryout.  Don’t fret, we have some great tips for those embarking on your club or school sport tryouts. Just know that those feelings ... Read more

A History of Youth Sports in the US

From “Special Report:  Coronavirus puts youth sports on pause”, published by AXIOS, May 11, 2020 Thanks to Axios for giving us some background on the history of youth sports in the US.  Well now it is a year later after the Covid shutdown and we all wonder what youth sports will look like in the future. Especially when ... Read more

USABL Announces iSport360 as its Exclusive Player Development Platform

Giving coaches and players the tools they need for success Today, USABL announces its partnership with iSport360 to offer coaches and players the tools they need to be successful.  Whether teams are training in person or virtually, the iSport360 platform will give USABL participants a consistent, player-first experience to build a culture of growth.  What ... Read more

Kobe on Preparing Your Kids for Adversity

Kobe on preparing your kids for adversity. The life lessons we learned from Kobe are endless.  Can you believe how much our world has changed since he left us just a year ago? Man do I miss this guy!  The country needs Kobe more than ever.   But, thank goodness for the powerful messages he ... Read more

Sports Parent Advice from a True Trailblazer

Thanks to our friends at Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and Coach Steve Kerr for sharing some sports parent advice. His advice is even more meaningful as we put COVID-19 behind us and return to play.  For more than thirty years, PCA has been a trailblazer in youth sports, and Steve Kerr has been a Trail ... Read more

Play Informed: Weighing the risks and benefits of youth sports during a pandemic

By Douglas J. Guth – appeared in MVP Parent on January 9, 2021 Youth sports bring boundless benefits to children and college-aged adults alike, from physical well-being to the socialization skills inherent in team-based competition. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic – already intertwined in most every aspect of our daily lives – has impacted the sports ... Read more

The Hidden Lessons from Competitors: Brees & Brady

It’s not too often that we get to see THIS: competitors whose teams (literally) spent the last three hours beating each other to the ground, embracing in a respectful, warm, friendly embrace.  There are so many hidden lessons from competitors that we can learn from. But thanks to the quick action of reporter James Palmer, ... Read more

Keeping Girls in the Game: Factors that Influence Sport Participation

In celebration of National Girls & Women in Sports Day, we wanted to help spread the word on keeping girls in sports. In a study from the Keeping Girls in the Game: Factors that Influence Sport Participation, published by the Women’s Sports Foundation, there are 10 Factors that Influence Sport Participation. We, at iSport360, are coaches, ... Read more

Sarah Fuller Story - Silver Lining During Covid

SARAH FULLER, FIRST FEMALE TO PLAY POWER 5 FOOTBALL The Sarah Fuller story, I was personally so excited to see Sarah Fuller suit up as a kicker for the Vanderbilt football team on November 28. No female has ever played in a Power 5 regular-season game and only 2 others – Katie Hnida (New Mexico) ... Read more

2021 Trends in Youth Sports - During and Post Pandemic

What are some of the trends in youth sports for 2021? In 2020, we saw unprecedented change in youth sports from shutdowns, to a move to virtual training, to mask wearing and more. The shutdowns caused massive concern amongst parents that their child would have mental health issues by not playing. Based on an Aspen ... Read more

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