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Sports Parenting Tips Inspired by Simone Biles

As we begin gearing back up for school and our kids’ sports activities, Simone Biles’ courageous decision to prioritize her mental wellbeing over greater recognition, opens up new, healthier ways for us to support our young athletes.   Simone showed parents and kids alike that even an Olympic four-time gold medal winner can experience performance anxiety. ... Read more

iSport360’s Virtual Locker Room® creates a positive culture

Imagine that your team is in a group chat. Something is said, someone is left out, and the team culture starts to crumble. What if there was a solution, and that solution was SafeSport compliant, easy to use, and cost less than a latte per player? Well we have that: 4,000 teams use it and we ... Read more

Playing Football as an Undersized Athlete

Competing in a sport like football is tough, and playing when undersized is an even greater challenge. Requiring a smaller athlete to block or tackle a significantly stronger, larger player will usually lead to disaster; but this isn’t always the case. Learning how to compete with a huge heart and confidence, along with playing to ... Read more

How to Lead a Positive Coaching Culture in Youth Sports

One of the biggest opportunities to make a lasting change to our youth sports culture, lies in the hands of the coaches and ADs. Your program’s and team’s culture is the expression of your shared values, attitudes, and goals. It determines whether your team members focus on: The culture you create is so impactful. Primarily because ... Read more

Preparing for the Upcoming Sports Season

We love preparing for the soccer season. Soccer season prep was a little different this year. I realize that this pandemic has disrupted everyone’s role in life and coaching.  In times like thee, with practices and games canceled, we don’t control the excessive downtime many of us are being forced to have.  But we can ... Read more

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Aspiring Sports Journalist Meets the Gatorade New Jersey Softball Player of the Year

Ava Metzger, a 2021 graduate of Colts Neck High School in Colts Neck, New Jersey, just finished the school’s best season ever, resulting in the school’s first state championship. Metzger also won 2020-21 Gatorade New Jersey Softball Player of the Year. Metzger’s leadership skills, ability to overcome challenges, and all around talent, led her and ... Read more

Joanne Pasternack Joins iSport360 Board of Directors

Monmouth County, NJ and San Jose, CA (Friday, July 23, 2021) – iSport360, Inc. (, the youth sports technology company, today announced that Joanne Pasternack has joined its Board of Directors.  Pasternack is a thought leader on athlete advocacy; former senior executive with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and NFL’s San Francisco 49ers; a current Board ... Read more

5 Reasons it is ok to Miss Your Child's Game

Over the years my heart has dropped more than once when a professional athlete has applauded their mother for never missing ONE of their games.  It would make me panic picturing my son all alone on the bench, wallowing in sorrow because his working mom was so busy interviewing someone else’s kid that she couldn’t ... Read more

How to be a Good Sports Parent

Being a good sports parent is like being a good school parent. To make sure your kids get the most out of their participation, you need to participate, too. Being involved, in a positive way, means you provide encouragement, support, and practical help. If you can, you volunteer and you back up the coach‘s decisions and lessons and ... Read more

Saving Our Kids From The Comparison Trap

While this post is from 2018, the content is still very relevant for 2021. Our friend in the UK Gordon MacLelland shares insight on parents’ sideline behavior. His organization Working With Parents in Sport (WWPIS) is a UK based company helping parents give their child the best possible sporting experience. To learn more click here. ... Read more

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