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Our Team


Ian Goldberg

Founder and CEO

Ian is a passionate sports dad, youth sport coach and Founder of iSport360. He spends more time at the ballfields than most, but considers it valuable R&D for the company. As the Editor of the iSport360 newsletter and thought leader in the youth sport industry, Ian is a frequent speaker at industry events and was recently invited to join the National Advisory Board for the National Alliance for Youth Sports.


Marques Colston

Member, Board of Directors

After spending 10 seasons with the New Orleans Saints and winning a Super Bowl, Marques brought his championship spirit and perseverance to the business world as an entrepreneur, investor, and now, Board Member. Marques believes in the positive impact sports can have on kids and communities and is now part of the team helping iSport360 multiply that mission.


Richard Marks


When Rich is not shuttling his kids to soccer practices and soccer games, he is courageously leading product development at the company. Dedicated to his job and kids for sure.


John Binzak

Tech Lead

John's role with iSport360 blends his love for technology and his experience as a youth sports athlete into one focus: building a powerful platform to get parents, coaches and players on the same page.


Amy Masters

Head of Marketing

Amy is a sports mom, head of a girls field hockey club and the marketing lead for iSport360. She is a true quant-marketer with experience acquiring customers for American Express and several early stage companies.

Scott Schubiger

Scott Schubiger

Head of Sales

Scott has put his college football career and Sports Psychology degree to good use, in business and in youth sports. Coaching his three (now teenage and beyond) daughters over the years and building sales teams in the tech industry has positioned him well to lead our growth.


Brandon Fell

Content Manager for Newsletter and Blog

As a teenage athlete, Brandon was a competitive soccer and basketball player and now brings the same competitive spirit to his work creating the bi-weekly newsletter and blog articles for iSport360.


Praveen Verma

Lead Front End Developer

Praveen is the lead front-end developer for iSport360's product team. He was an elite-level athlete during his childhood in India.


Mel Spinner

Customer Success Manager

A breath of fresh air for all customers who need a hand getting onboarded, Mel has lived and breathed the iSport360 product since the day it was conceptualized. She brings the same discipline and creativity to the company that she used as a varsity High School soccer standout.


Alysa Wax

CRM Manager

A long-time youth sports enthusiast with vast digital marketing experience, Alysa is the proud mother of Marist women's class of 2024 basketball commit. Her work life is focused on helping early-mid stage companies engineer and track their user growth.


Ashish Verma

Lead Back End Developer

Ashish is a talented back-end developer for iSport360's product team and has built the iSport360 product from from a concept to its current generation.

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