Player Goals, Feedback
& Evaluations

iSport360 exists to improve youth sports for kids, parents and coaches.


We educate coaches, kids and parents and keep them engaged in positive ways


We maximize player feedback, accelerating development and success


We align coaches, kids, and parents so kids have more fun and keep playing sports

Key Product Features



Set Objective Goals

Start the season right with our sport-, age-, and gender-specific standards. Developed by experts and guided by the youth sport governing bodies below.

For coaches of all levels, set standards for your players to achieve this season

Get parents aligned and on the same page

Print goals and share with your team at the beginning of the season




Conduct Fair Evaluations

Our player evaluation tool provides a consistent and transparent way for coaches to share objective feedback throughout the season and at tryout time.

The most objective, consistent, transparent player evaluation tool; only 3-5 minutes to complete

Based on iSport360's proprietary sports standards

Using the most common scoring and assessment methods from K-12 Education

Coaches, parents and players can all complete evaluations; printable, downloadable, shareable



Share Quality Feedback

Our feedback tool helps coaches and parents share ongoing player feedback after games, practices and tournaments.

Share actionable feedback after games and practices

All team coaches can share player feedback

Share comments with the whole team or privately with individual players and their parents

Easily view past feedback for each player

iOS and Android notifications keep coaches, parents and players engaged



Positive Parent Engagement

Team parents can share stickers, emojis and positive messages with any of the kids on the team….while watching their child accumulate praise from other parents on the team.

Coaches and parents can share emojis and messages of praise with any player on the team

Parents can watch as their child accumulates stickers from other team parents

Keep parents engaged in a positive way, beyond just at the ballfield

Kids love receiving rewards

Why iSport360 ?

For Coaches

Youth Sport Teams

  • Leverage our iSport360 Standards which define age, gender and level-appropriate objectives for players
  • Use our evaluation tools throughout your season to show player development progress
  • Easily share practice, game and ongoing feedback with the entire team and individual players
  • Easily praise players with our stickers tools
  • Proactively manage team parent participation
  • Once you're registered, use promo code 1SEASONFREE to get a free 4-month season subscription

For Parents

With Kids in Youth Sports

  • Get more involved with your kids and their youth sports
  • Use our iSport360 Sports Standards to understand age, gender and skill-level goals to work on with your kids
  • Get more feedback from your kid's coaches to get more value from your investment in your kids youth sports
  • Getting objective evaluations from your kid's coaches
  • Leverage our simple feedback loop tools to engage with your kids coaches regularly

For Organizations

Clubs / Leagues / Facilities

  • Create a better team or club experience for the kids
  • Create a better team youth sport product for customers
  • Use iSport360’s standards to bring clarity to player goals
  • Use our printable, shareable standards and evaluations to bring a professional touch to your experience
  • Volume discounts for multiple teams
  • Contact us to discuss a custom solution

Our Pricing

Simple and flexible pricing for teams*

$39.99 for a four (4) month subscription

$69.99 for an eight (8) month subscription

$89.99 for a twelve (12) month subscription

* all subscriptions cover an unlimited number of players and coaches on a roster.

For Organizations with Many Teams

Contact us and we’ll determine your discounted multi-team pricing based on the number of teams and length of subscriptions needed.

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