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2017 Goals 💪 🏆 ✅ 


Whether you are a passionate sports parent or coach, sincere thanks for reading and sharing our newsletter this year.  Your response has been tremendous as we have nearly 15,000 readers.  Since we are all about setting goals, here are ours for 2017:

  • We commit to raising awareness about the issues that coaches, sports parents and our kids deal with.
  • We commit to sharing expert articles that are informative and occasionally funny… we can laugh at this serious business of youth sports.
  • We commit to creating tools that help coaches and parents share objective feedback and data on their players.
  • We commit to being live in the app stores in January….so keep an eye out!

And since we are so passionate about ongoing feedback, always feel free to share yours on our website:

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December 23, 2016

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