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The Youth Sports Survival Guide

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The Crucial Role of Building Strong Financial Goals for Teens

November 29, 2023|

In the ever-changing landscape of today's economy, introducing the next generation to financial literacy and money management tools is more critical than ever. Setting financial goals, talking about the importance of a savings account, checking account, budgeting, and building credit

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Unleashing Potential: Coaches Giving Player Feedback

November 28, 2023|

What is the best way for coaches to provide player feedback? How do you leverage your players strengths to help them improve. This form of constructive criticism possesses immense potential for fostering growth, advancement, and betterment.  However, it necessitates

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Tips On Coaching To Player Strengths

November 28, 2023|

I love when head coach Andy Reid lets his players on the Kansas City Chiefs freelance. Well, they are professionals but there is something to that style of coaching that helps teams win, builds trust, and fosters creativity. He lets

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Why Coaches Should Focus on Meritocracy in Sports

November 21, 2023|

Coaching is an art that extends far beyond the strategies and tactics of a sport. Great coaches understand that building a successful team is about more than just talent; it's about cultivating a culture of meritocracy in sports.  Being

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The Poisonous Playbook: Coaches Who Create a Toxic Culture on a Sports Team

November 12, 2023|

Coaches play a pivotal role in the success and development of sports teams. They are tasked with not only instructing athletes in the technical aspects of their sport but also with cultivating a positive and productive team culture. However, there

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