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The Youth Sports Survival Guide

Youth sports referees are quitting in droves

December 5, 2021|

The sports referee shortage is being attributed to a toxic combination of abuse from coaches and parents, low salaries, and COVID-19. Update from the Fall In a Journal Times article from December 5th, they are looking to train teenagers.

3 Tips to Giving Thanks to Your Coach

November 23, 2021|

Why should you give thanks? When people give thanks, they just feel better. And feeling better is a sure sign to help in other parts of your life, like sports. If players think about the best game they played, how did they feel that day? By showing gratitude, players show a kindness and a humbleness that helps with the game. It helps them stay focused.

What young athletes should eat before and after the game

November 22, 2021|

While younger kids who compete in shorter games might not need to pay as much attention to their game-time nutrition, older kids who are serious about their performance should follow these nutrition rules to maximize their athletic abilities.

23 Best Children’s Books About Sports

November 21, 2021|

One of the best ways to encourage children to read is to help them find books about topics they enjoy. Sports-themed books are usually a big hit, especially with boys who may not love reading! These books have topics covering football, baseball, soccer, and others. These are our top picks for the best children’s books about sports.

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