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The Youth Sports Survival Guide

How to get female athletes to stop saying sorry?

August 1, 2022|

Coaching athletes for years, the one thing that I usually correct is when a player says they are sorry. The biggest reason is that I want my players to gain their power back. My goal is to instill confidence and

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Why Youth Sport Teams Should Integrate Captains At A Young Age?

July 20, 2022|

Being a team captain is not easy but it is a vital part of building a winning team with a winning culture. Have you ever heard of Derek Jeter, Michael Jordan,  Wayne Gretsky,  Alex Morgan, or Sue Bird? These are

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Building Practice Plans: 5 Easy Tips

July 18, 2022|

Building good practice plans is vital to being a coach and running a team. The time spent training and being together not only helps player development but also sets the culture of the team.  There are so many factors to

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The Benefits of Cross Training in Youth Sports

July 6, 2022|

One of the most important pieces of advice I’ve learned about training in the past few years as a college athlete has been the importance of cross training. Track and field can be a very demanding sport physically and mentally. 

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