Why College Athletes Struggle With Depression And Anxiety

College athletics and college athletes are often portrayed as the pinnacle of physical strength, discipline, and resilience. However, behind the glory and glamor of the field, many college athletes face a hidden struggle with their mental health. The pressure to

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2023-03-20T23:19:09+00:00March 20, 2023|

6 Mistakes Athletes Should Avoid During The Recruiting Process

Recruit Look regularly talks about the things each potential recruit needs to accomplish to maximize their chances of landing an athletic scholarship. Please make sure to avoid these mistakes…mostly caused from massive misinformation out there. Keep in mind, sometimes what you

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2023-02-27T20:03:22+00:00February 27, 2023|

Why Steph Curry Played Multiple Sports

Steph Curry talks about the benefits and life lessons he learned playing multiple sports. And how it brought him outside his comfort zone, built his confidence, and taught him how to fail and recover. While trends in youth sports has

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