Understanding Why Girls Leave Sports

As a coach of girls for over TEN years. It is always a challenge to balance player development and player confidence. As a coach, I always felt that it was equally important to instill a level of confidence in

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2024-02-20T22:56:53+00:00February 19, 2024|

Importance of Self-Advocacy in Sports

In the world of youth sports, there's more to success than just physical prowess and skill. While talent certainly plays a significant role, the ability to self-advocate is equally crucial. In today's competitive landscape, young athletes must learn how to

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2024-02-07T20:09:15+00:00February 7, 2024|

How to Deal with Bad Sports Parents

Youth sports are meant to be a platform for kids to learn valuable life skills, build character, and develop a love for physical activity. And let’s not forget to have fun too. We do love passionate parents, just let's

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