You Win More by not Keeping Score: Why do we play sports?

Here is a question to ask yourself. Why do we play sports? What makes sports so exciting? I think for me when I ask myself that question, it’s the thrill of the unknown. You have a general idea of what

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16 Rules for Basketball Parents

Thank you Alan Stein, Jr., these 16 rules are so relevant across all sports and life. We love sharing Alan’s wisdom with our readers. Alan is a successful business owner and veteran basketball performance coach, he spent 15 years working

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2022-05-18T14:33:36+00:00December 7, 2021|

3 Tips to Giving Thanks to Your Coach

Why should you give thanks? When people give thanks, they just feel better. And feeling better is a sure sign to help in other parts of your life, like sports. If players think about the best game they played, how did they feel that day? By showing gratitude, players show a kindness and a humbleness that helps with the game. It helps them stay focused.

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