How to Deal With a Strongly Competitive Child

If you have an athlete in your family who loves his sport, loves to compete, and loves to win, you may feel unsure as a parent of how to handle his super-competitive spirit. Being strongly competitive means a kid plays hard, takes

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Control 100% of What You Can Control

Through our years of playing, coaching, and basically living, we’ve all heard many motivational speeches and had one-on-one talks given to us. Some have been good, some have been not so good. And some we will never forget the words

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What Does it Mean to Be Coachable?

Being a great athlete often starts with being coachable.  Venus Williams’ coach, Eric Hechtman, defines being coachable as an athlete who listens, is always seeking ways to improve, accepts feedback, is open to positive criticism, and is process-driven.    The Unfortunate

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