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3 Tips for Getting Faster

Speed is by far one of the most advantageous qualities that an athlete can possess. The potential for getting faster and the success that comes with it, increases in nearly every sport the faster an athlete can move from one point to the next. 

Getting Faster - Tips
Getting Faster


Do you know what the fastest sprinters in the world all have in common? It’s a meticulous stretching routine. You can easily boost your speed by simply becoming more flexible. Increasing your range of motion creates elasticity. This allows the muscles to be stronger during rapid movement. Develop a morning and evening stretching routine. Here are a few basic stretches to get you started:

– Hamstring stretch (sitting)

– Quadriceps stretch (standing)

– Calf stretch (standing)

– Groin stretch (sitting)

Get Explosive

Having that quick burst of speed to initiate your athletic movements serves an advantage for athletes of every sport. Explosive drills are taxing on the body when done correctly. So only commit to these drills about twice a week max starting out. Try incorporating these few drills into your speed training:

– Lunge jumps

– Jump rope (single leg)

– Burpees

– Squat jumps

Speed Drills

When done consistently and correctly, the subsequent drills will assist any individual in becoming faster:

– High knees

– Butt kick

– Karaoke

– Quick skip

– Speed ladder drills

These exercises can be added to your regular warmup routine; the goal is to create muscle memory, the process in which your fast twitch muscles become activated (accustomed to moving at a swift speed).

Developing a proper stretching regimen. This creates a greater range of motion and increased flexibility. That will help and Is essential in gaining overall speed. Combine explosive and speed drills to the beginning of your workouts to maximize your acceleration potential. Remember, every athlete has the ability to get faster- it just takes hard work, dedication and a little time

By: Kamal Walker

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September 26, 2021

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