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3 Tips for Sports Tryouts

Do you have a tryout season coming up? Tryouts can be stressful. Don’t fret, we have some great tips for those embarking on your club or school sports tryouts. Just know that those feelings are completely normal before a big event like a sports team tryout.

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First, just remember that your feelings of being nervous are totally natural. Every player is nervous or anxious about tryouts. Remember that while there are some things you can’t control, we wanted to give you a few tips on what you can control in the days or hours before tryouts.

Second, take a deep breath before you get on the field, court, etc. This will put your focus on breathing vs being nervous.

Third, if you listen to music before an event, do that or do the “thing” that helps you focus and takes your brain power away from the task that is about to happen – trying out.

Give 100% Effort at Sports Tryouts

At your sports tryouts, all someone can ask of you is to give it your best. Giving 100% effort is a no-brainer, it is so important to hustle and try your hardest. It shows that you care and that you have a heart. Even if you are not the best player, coaches want to see that you have a heart. There is never a time when a coach says….”you know, I really don’t want 100% effort today.” Try your hardest and give it all you have!

Tip: Run after every rep to the next station for drills. Run when you are done with your drill, this shows hustle and a coach will notice.

Take Care of Your Gear before Tryouts

Make sure you are responsible for your gear. A great tip is to plan the night before. Do not rely on your parents or others to help you. You should organize your gear and pack what you need. Also remember to pack for rain or weather changes, this way you will feel comfortable whether you are wet or dry. Do you play a sport that requires you to have a pinny? Make sure you keep an extra pinny in your bag.

Tip: Have a uniform drawer and/or practice clothes drawer, this will make it easy to find your stuff when you are ready to go. Always have a reversible pinny in your bag (depending on your sport).

Be A Good Teammate/Friend

If you give it your all, that is all anyone can ask of you. Being a leader and an allaround nice person, you want to be positive throughout tryouts and after. If you don’t make the team, know that you gave it your all and congratulate those that did. If you made the team but others didn’t, tell them that you are proud of them for how hard they worked. There are many times in life when you won’t make the team. Just remember to stay positive.

Tip: Do something as simple as smile and say thank you to the coach(es). 

Good luck with your upcoming tryouts and assessments! And remember to have fun. Isn’t that why we play in the first place?

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About the author:  Amy Masters is a sports mom, coach and club administrator. She has been coaching youth sports for more than 10 years. She started Jr Lions Field Hockey, the youth recreation program for the Hunterdon County community growing it from 40 players in year 1 to 150 players by year 3. A few years later, she saw the love and competitiveness grow then started Omega Field Hockey Club serving NJ and PA players. Prior to coaching, she was a collegiate field hockey player for Lock Haven University. In her spare time (lol), she is head of marketing for iSport360, where she brings her love of sports to a bigger audience. 

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August 7, 2023

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