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Would you believe we added 47 improvements to our app this week alone.


As a testament to the value of your feedback, and our commitment to incorporating it into our product, this week we added 47 improvements to our web-based app (these upgrades will go live with the new version of our downloadable in the next 2 weeks).  Most of these came from customer emails, feedback on our website and focus groups.  Here’s a list of some key upgrades:

For Parents:

  • Parents can set goals for their own player
  • Expanded features for players to do self-evaluation
  • Expanded features for parents to share feedback with their players
  • Easier for parents to invite their team coaches onto iSport360
  • Expanded print capabilities so parents can print goals or a player evaluation for their child

For Coaches

  • Coaches can import rosters from TeamSnap (the popular scheduling app)
  • Re-Launch of our Tryout Module so tryout organizers can share expectations with participants
  • More places for coaches to share their own comments within a player evaluation.

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February 22, 2017

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