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The Chaotic World of Youth Sports — Vol 7

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As a dad and coach, I know how complicated youth sports can be at times.  So I’d like to share some helpful articles that shed light on the challenges we face… and some humorous ones that might even give us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves.  Thanks for reading and please use these buttons to share this newsletter with your social networks.


Coach Spotlight

Coach Spotlight — iSport360


Applying K-12 Ed Best Practices to Youth Sports?

iSport360 Humor — World of Youth Sports
I’m a sports dad and coach with a wife who is on the cutting edge of K-12 Education. And I frequently wonder, why we are not applying the best practices of K-12 Education to Youth Sports. Especially in a generation when youth sports has become such a commercialized institution, it lacks so much humanity, communication and collaboration. So why not apply practices from the education world that just make sense for youth sports?


Ian Goldberg Podcast with Tackling College Sports Nation

At iSport360 we love to include equal parts of knowledge and humor when discussing the serious business of youth sports.  And that’s why we connected with TCS Nation, an online community of high school athletes, parents and coaches who want to prepare for the possibility of college sports while having fun doing it.
How has youth sports changed in the last 10-15 years
What is youth sports getting right/wrong these days
How is iSport360 helping parents and coaches develop great athletes
3 pieces of advice for parents of junior high school and high school athletes
iSport360 Podcast with TCS _World of Youth Sports


On the lighter side…

More great humor from our friends at Weekly School News: Area residents, Robert and Jennifer Matthews, parents of six year-old Andrew, have been saving money for Andrew’s college education for nearly three years, just on the very remote chance he does not earn a full athletic scholarship to the college of his choice. 

Youth Sports — iSport360 _Youth Sports World


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July 26, 2016

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