I think we can all agree that “burnout” is a problem we’d like our kids to avoid in youth sports, but at times we unknowingly raise our kids chances of burning out. So I commend Jane Brody of the New York Times for sharing some very tangible observations and ways we can avoid burnout. The highlights:
  • Encourage more “free play”, where kids organize themselves and enjoy their favorite game without the presence and pressure of parents, coaches and trainers.
  • Youth athletes who specialize in one sport are at substantially higher risk of burnout and injury since their young bones don’t have enough time to heal properly.
  • 45% of surveyed college athletes played more than one sport up to age 16, which helped them build whole-body skills like balance, quickness and core strength.
  • 57% of surveyed parents hope their children would play in college or professionally (WHAT!)

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