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High School Cross Country Runner Shows Sportsmanship

With all of the negative vibes our in the world right now, we love a good sports story. This is a great show to compassion by a youth sports cross country runner. His show of sportsmanship is one of those lessons we love about youth sports.

You are running your last high school race and if you place, you make it to the state tournament race. It is the biggest race of your high school year and you just want to run your best. With 1 more kilometer to go, you see a fellow racer from another team fall.

When this happens, it usually means that the racer isn’t getting back up. Their legs buckle one time. This is what happened during this cross country race. But the runner didn’t go down at first, his legs buckled and he stayed on his feet. Not too far away, another racer saw him. Then he saw him fall again and thought he had to do something.

It was at that moment that he decided to step up. He ran over and helped this injured runner over the finish line.

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October 24, 2021

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