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iSport360 Customers Add 14,000 New Events to Their Team Schedules in 4Q2022

Scheduling and overall user engagement skyrocketing as iSport360 adds features.

January 12, 2023 Philadelphia, PA – iSport360, the leading youth sports platform for communication, player development and team organization today announced that its  customers have added over 14,000 new events to their team schedules in Q4 of 2022.  This announcement comes as 10,000 soccer coaches and organizers convene at the 2023 United Soccer Coaches Convention in Philadelphia and are clamoring for a single app to manage all of their team communication, player development and schedules in one place.  

“74% of our customers have switched from the industry-leading TeamSnap.  That’s because the youth sports community has been asking for communication, player development and team management features all in one place.  And now we have validation that they are using them.”

–Ian Goldberg, iSport360 CEO

Giving Customers What They Are Asking For

Scheduling team events and synching them with a smartphone calendar has been the perfect complement to the existing communication and player development features on the iSport360 platform.  Other leading features include:  sharing videos, practice assignments, player evals, sticker rewards, setting goals and a virtual team locker room.

“A recent customer survey showed us that over 50% of our customers are using our top 4 features:  team schedule, player evaluations, video sharing and our proprietary goal-setting tool. These features are helping drive engagement.”

–Amy Masters, iSport360 Head of Marketing

Giving Kids Their Own Accounts….And Accountability

iSport360 has a unique characteristic that is driving user engagement:  Unlike every other leading youth sports platform, iSport360 invites young athletes and their teammates to set up their own accounts.   To be compliant with COPPA Child Privacy Laws and SafeSport, iSport360 requires parents to give their child permission to be on the platform, and then ensures that parents can see any communication their child sends or receives.  This helps give kids much-needed accountability in their youth sports careers, but in a way that leads the industry in child privacy, safety and security.

Solving the Industry’s Pain Points

There is no shortage of pain points in youth sports.  Sports organizers are having trouble retaining customers.  Coaches lack sufficient tools and best practices to be successful.  Parents feel like they are left out of the loop.  Kids are having less fun.  And referees are quitting at a record pace.  But iSport360 has committed to solving these pain points more aggressively than any other company in the industry.

“iSport360’s competitors have recently been surveying parents, coaches and sports administrators to ask them what features would be most helpful to offer.  We’ve spent three years surveying the customers, built the features and deployed the product….so we feel way ahead of the game.”

–Paul DelaCruz, iSport360 Head of Sales

About iSport360

iSport360 is a revolutionary youth sports software platform that empowers player development.  Over 200,000 youth sports athletes, sports organizers, coaches, and parents depend on iSport360 to set goals and share training videos, practice assignments, schedules, 360 degree feedback, player evaluations, sticker rewards and a virtual team locker room.  We help all stakeholders collaborate so players can develop athletic skills and life skills. That’s why we have been endorsed and recognized by the biggest organizations in youth sports.



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January 12, 2023

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