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iSport360 Halftime Heroes:  Brandi Chastain

I’m sure you know Brandi Chastain as the legendary soccer player, world-class broadcaster, and Co-Founder of the new Bay FC women’s professional soccer team.  At iSport360 we also recognize Brandi as a sports mom and soccer coach who has been incredibly supportive of our mission in youth sports. Welcome to the first edition of iSport360 Halftime Heroes. Where we interview some of the leaders in youth sports. 

So we were honored to interview Brandi, dig into some hot topics that are important to our audience, and have some laughs along the way:

1:30 Growth of girls and women in soccer and the launch of Bay FC

3:55 Shortage of women coaches in pro sports

8:45 Getting more women coaches and officials in youth sports

10:15 Brandi’s non-profit making sports more accessible for girls in underserved communities

14:19 The role of sports parents in youth sports

15:49 Brandi fesses up to being a little too “enthusiastic” in her early days as a sports mom

19:50 Brandi’s suggestions for sports parents

20:12 Brandi’s Top 10 Goals for youth sports

21:20 What songs are on Brandi’s “pump-up playlist”?

22:45 What is Brandi’s favorite new activity that takes her to a happy place?

Perhaps the highlight of the interview was when I asked Brandi what kids should be getting from their youth sports experience, and without hesitation, she rattled off:

Brandi’s Top 10 goals for kids in sports

  1. Learn something
  2. Grow
  3. Be good teammates
  4. Recognize opportunities
  5. Be leaders
  6. Speak their mind
  7. Stand on their own two feet
  8. Contribute to the outcome of games
  9. Support others who need help
  10. Have a good time

We love the last one. It is an all-important goal in youth sports, just to have fun. Isn’t that why we play in the first place? 

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February 23, 2024

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