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iSport360 Joins the “500 Club” 💯 💯 💯 💯 💯


iSport360 surpasses 500 teams using its mobile platform that helps coaches and parents share objective feedback on their players.


Through my childhood, I always held this iconic image on a pedestal.  For me it was all about the love of a game and the heroes who shaped it.  In that spirit, today I am proud to announce that iSport360 has joined the “500 Club” as well.  In just 9 months, 500 youth sports teams (and their coaches and parents) have signed up to share objective player feedback using our app.  Why?  Because we eliminate the awkward and heated conversations about who gets more playing time and who makes the travel team and instead, help parents and coaches focus on each individual player’s development and success.

iSport360 is now available for the following team sports:  Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Futsal, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer and Softball.
Features include:

  • Objective player evaluations in line with the national youth sport governing bodies
  • Parents, coaches, players can share and compare evaluations
  • Coaches can share Post-Game Feedback with the team or individual players throughout the season
  • Parents can share positive feedback with other players on the team
  • Player evaluations and feedback are archived so you can track your player’s performance
  • Clubs and Coaches can user our app to run tryouts in a fair, objective and consistent way.

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Ian and the iSport360 Team



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January 31, 2017

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