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iSport360 Launches their Next-Generation App and Website

iSport360 launches their next-generation app and website. What do you do when the world hands your business a pandemic??? You take advantage of the situation! (I’m sure there’s a great lesson hidden somewhere in there for our athletes).

When our world turned upside down 6 months ago, iSport360 decided to use that time to build the next generation of its app (and our website) for the “new normal”.  We called a few customers each day to find out what coaches, parents, kids, and club administrators needed and they told us:

  • More virtual training features
  • More ways for kids to interact virtually with their coach and teammates
  • More ways for administrators to be able to monitor team communication and progress
  • More ways to parents to see their kids’ progress
  • More support with setting up rosters and getting team parents and players onboarded

Today, our team’s hard work goes live and we are thrilled to introduce it to you. A newer, better, friendlier tool to keep teams connected, active and strong.

Please take a look and see what we can do for your teams and clubs.

Learn more or request a demo of our youth sports software that is helping teams improve communication, organization and player development.

September 1, 2020

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