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iSport360 Takes on Industry Leader TeamSnap with Event Scheduling Feature

The new feature is free for iSport360 customers and eliminates the need for a separate Event Scheduling app.

January 20, 2022 Kansas City, MO–iSport360, the leading youth sports platform for communication, player development and team engagement today announced its newest feature: the ability to schedule games, practices and other events for club, school and recreational sports teams.  This announcement comes as 10,000 soccer coaches and organizers convene at the 2022 United Soccer Coaches Convention in Kansas City.  The new feature is now free on iSport360’s youth sports platform.   

“70% of our customers also use TeamSnap.  They asked us if we could add a TeamSnap-like scheduling feature to our existing feature set so teams could have a single communication platform, a single account and a single log-in.”

–Ian Goldberg, iSport360 CEO

The new Event Scheduling feature was the result of high demand from iSport360 customers.  So iSport360 brought in former TeamSnap CTO Wade Minter to lead the development team building this new feature.   Now, users can keep track of their team events in addition to all of their existing iSport360 features:  sharing training videos, practice assignments, announcements, post-game feedback, sticker rewards, team goals, player evals and a virtual team locker room.   

“Scheduling is a feature that all teams need, but it has to be part of a more robust youth sports communication platform to truly be useful.  And now that feature has found a home on iSport360. ”

–Wade Minter, Founding Team and Former CTO, TeamSnap

Unlike so many of the other scheduling platforms in youth sports, iSport360 access to Event Scheduling is not limited to coaches and parents. Players have the ability to share the schedule and be accountable for their own attendance.  That’s because iSport360 has kids of all ages set up their own accounts with their parents’ consent. And in a way that complies with COPPA child privacy laws and SafeSport. 

“We will continue to give youth sports organizers the communication and player development tools they need to maximize player retention and engagement.”

–Amy Masters, iSport360 Head of Marketing

Recent research showed that 91% of youth sports parents have pulled their child from a youth sports club due to poor communication or poor player development.  iSport360 focuses squarely on these two problems.  Now athletes on the iSport360 platform can keep their team schedule. They know what time the game starts, and take ownership of being at practice on time.  The company is further delivering on its promise to improve communication and player development both on the field and off.

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About iSport360

iSport360 is a revolutionary youth sports technology platform that empowers player development.  Over 100,000 youth sports athletes, sports organizers, coaches, and parents depend on iSport360 to set individualized goals and share training videos, practice assignments, schedules, 360 degree feedback, player evaluations, sticker rewards and a virtual team locker room.  We help all stakeholders collaborate so players can develop athletic skills and life skills. That’s why we have been endorsed and recognized by the biggest organizations in youth sports.

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January 20, 2022

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