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iSport360 Releases Version 2.0 For Parents & Coaches

Version 2.0

Hi Sport Parents & Coaches,

Click here to see how iSport360 is helping coaches and parents share objective feedback on their players. 

Just in time for Fall sports season to kick off, we have launched our newly designed Version 2.0 to parents and coaches for FREE.  We’ve made over 300 changes to the product thanks to your feedback over the last several months. So please forward this email to your coach and ask him/her to set up your team on iSport360 and start sharing feedback today.

New Features For Parents:

  • Conduct a player assessment on your child
  • Side-by-side comparison of your player assessment with most recent coach player assessment
  • Submit request to coach for a player assessment
  • View past assessments and track improvement over time
  • Share positive feedback with other players on your team by sending emojis (fist pumps, muscle flexes, trophies and more) and watch your child accumulate them as well

New Features For Coaches:

  • Brand new and improved interface and design
  • iSport360 automatically shares Team Goals and Expectations with every new parent/player added to your roster
  • Ability to save and edit incomplete player assessments
  • New Assessment Report shows a performance comparison of all players on your team
  • Ability to share iSport360 access with other coaches/managers/trainers on your team
  • COMING VERY SOON:  Ability to import your team roster from other apps you use (making your team set-up a whole lot easier)

iSport360 Coaches
Have a great fall season!
— Ian and the iSport360 Team

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September 7, 2016

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