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iSport360’s Virtual Locker Room® creates a positive culture

Imagine that your team is in a group chat. Something is said, someone is left out, and the team culture starts to crumble. What if there was a solution, and that solution was SafeSport compliant, easy to use, and cost less than a latte per player? Well we have that: 4,000 teams use it and we call it the Virtual Locker Room®.

Virtual Locker Room
ISport360’s Virtual Locker Room®

Player Communication off the Field = stronger team bonds

One of the most important qualities of being a good coach and teammate is the ability to communicate with players. When a coach can communicate to their players both individually and as a team, it just brings the team together. 

Now imagine giving your players their own canvas in a safe and monitored environment. That’s what iSport360’s Virtual Locker Room is all about. Every player on the team is included, no one is left out, and the chats are monitored by coaches and parents to prevent bullying, hazing, abuse and harassment (the very definition of SafeSport compliance). Our customers love the Virtual Locker Room and are making it their exclusive platform for team communication.

“The virtual locker room eliminates the drama when some teammates are part of a text chat and others aren’t….this way everyone on the team is included” –Lyndsey Fry (US Olympian and Director of Female Hockey for the Arizona Coyotes)

Fully SafeSport and COPPA Compliant = safe online environment

iSport360 is the only youth sports platform that invites players onto its platform and is SafeSport compliant. 

What is SafeSport? And how it helps the Virtual Locker Room.

SafeSport is an Act passed by Congress in 2017. In 2018 the Act protects athletes against abuse, bullying, hazing and harassment. The US Center for SafeSport in Denver CO is the exclusive SafeSport training center for sports’ national governing bodies and for US Olympic and Paralympic Coaches. 

The iSport360 Virtual Locker Room is monitored by coaches and parents unlike social media platforms that athletes would otherwise use. Parents are required to give their child explicit permission to use iSport360 as part of the sign up process. This keeps us in compliance with COPPA child privacy laws for kids under 13, and allows the adults involved to ensure that the team is communicating in a positive and inclusive environment. 

Build Team Culture = the team that plays together, stays together

We all know that building a team culture takes time – it doesn’t just happen overnight. Just like practicing for a sport, with each practice helping players develop, the same could be said about team culture. The Virtual Locker Room puts the players In charge, they create the culture of the team. It allows players to stay connected when you leave the field. True Sports talks about ways to foster a positive team culture, one of those ways is to eliminate cliques. That’s what the Virtual Team Locker Room does: it helps players build trust, connections, and accountability. 

Social and Emotional Learning = better youth sports experience

What is Social and Emotional Learning? SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, achieve personal and collective goals, and feel and show empathy for others. It establishes and maintains supportive relationships, and helps people to make responsible and caring decisions. 

How to use our Virtual Locker Room®:

  1. Clubs sign up for iSport360 and give access to all of their teams. 
  2. iSport360 uploads all rosters and parents are invited to set up their iSport360 account. 
  3. Parents give consent on iSport360 for their kids to participate. Parents invite their own player to sign up.
  4. When the team is on the platform, then the players can communicate with each other in the Virtual Locker Room. 
  5. Coaches and parents can monitor all of the player chat in the Virtual Locker Room.

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August 31, 2021

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