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Making the Parent-Coach Conversations a Little Less "Awkward"

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Keith Glauber is a former Major League pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and owner of Young People’s Day Camp. He has spent his life around youth sports and is committed to using sports to improve kids’ lives. This dedication is what motivated Keith to share these thoughts on the world of youth sports and how iSport360 can help bring some order to the field.
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While I was fortunate enough to reach the MLB as a pitcher in the 1990s, I’m under no illusion that my three sons will have the same fortune. Afterall, only 1 in 4,000 high school baseball players will make it to the big leagues. But my boys and I do take our sports seriously on the teams I coach in our NJ area.
One of the things that I always dread is the awkward coach-parent conversation about who made the travel/school team, why their child is not getting enough playing time or how their child stacks up to the other players. And I recently came across a great app called iSport360 that is eliminating awkard conversations in favor of an objective, fair, coach-parent feedback loop.
iSport360 does 2 great things:
First, it provides your team with 10 well-defined objective goals for the season (based on age, gender and level of play). Some of these goals are based on achieving technical proficiency and others are based on improving “life skills” such as coachability, teamwork and communication.
Second, it provides a 90-second player assessment tool so coaches, parents and players can share consistent, objecitve feedback throughout the season and at tryouts. These two features proactively get coach and parent on the same page, leaving the kids to just have fun and play their best.
I haven’t seen anything else like it. So for me, it’s a bit of fresh air that creates a much more positive experience for coaches, parents….and of course, our kids.

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April 21, 2016

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