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The Chaotic World of Youth Sports — Vol 26 Real, Useful Advice For The Avid Sports Parent

NLVol26_SpringAs a sports parent and coach, I know how complicated youth sports can be at times. So I’d like to share some helpful articles that shed light on the challenges we face… and some humorous ones that might even give us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves. Thanks for reading and please share this newsletter with your social networks.


When kids tell us how they really feel, it makes it so much easier for sports parents to avoid coaching from the sidelines and the “post-game analysis” in the car ride home. Thanks to veteran sports broadcasters Asia Mape and Alex Flanagan for this amazing short video. For more information about I LOVE TO WATCH YOU PLAY click here.

Screen-Shot-2017-04-13-at-2.57.17-PMRecruiting Advice to Parents, From Parents

Keirsten Sires in the Founder and CEO of Locker Room Talk, a company that is helping make the college recruiting process more transparent for athletes and their parents. Click here to read some great suggestions from this former college athlete and her interview guest. Read the full story here.

Update On Overuse Injuries

Overuse Injuries

Youth sports, and travel sports in particular, are much more popular than ever. Unfortunately, along with all the positive parts of kids’ sports (and there are many) is an alarming increase in injuries, especially overuse and repetitive motion types.


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May 3, 2017

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