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PRESS RELEASE: The Institute for Soccer Parenting Announces Partnership with iSport360 to Engage Sports Parents

iSport360 Press Release Soccer Parenting

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Glen Allen, VA (Monday, September 19, 2016) – The Institute for Soccer Parenting ( announced a partnership today with iSport360, Inc. (, which is an early stage youth sports software company. The two companies will work together to create content that educates, engages and supports youth sport parents.

“This is a new and unique partnership that makes so much sense for us,” said Skye Eddy Bruce, Founder of The Institute for Soccer Parenting. “iSport360 has a loyal following of engaged parents, coaches and young athletes who are passionate about working together to achieve success in their sport. We are preaching the same message to the same audience.”

iSport360, Inc. is a SportsTech venture whose app enables coaches and parents to share objective player feedback throughout the season and at tryout time.  The company also publishes a biweekly sports parenting newsletter “The Chaotic World of Youth Sports,” which provides an informative, and frequently humorous, view of youth sports.

Founder and CEO Ian Goldberg is a sports dad and a coach of two young daughters who is on a crusade to improve the youth sports experience for coaches, parents and most importantly the young athletes.  “We want parents to be part of the process, not part of the problem,” Goldberg says.  “In the last 15 years, the youth sports experience has become over-stressed, over-commercialized, over-politicized, and that is why it is a pressure cooker on the sidelines of games. But research shows that when coaches and parents work together, adult emotions stay in check, and the kids have a much better sports experience.”

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Skye Eddy Bruce, The Institute for Soccer Parenting, 804-467-7041

Ian Goldberg, iSport360, Inc., 201-838-1139

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September 19, 2016

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