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Sarah Fuller Story – Silver Lining During Covid


The Sarah Fuller story, I was personally so excited to see Sarah Fuller suit up as a kicker for the Vanderbilt football team on November 28. No female has ever played in a Power 5 regular-season game and only 2 others – Katie Hnida (New Mexico) & April Goss (Kent State) – have appeared in an FBS contest. To say that every little girl was watching this unfold, is an understatement. When girls see others doing things they dream about, it makes our dreams become potential realities. 

The Sarah Fuller story is an exciting one. And months later, it is just as special. We honor Sarah and all of the women that are impacting sport each and every day on this National Girls & Women in Sports Day!


I have a plaque in my home that says “Knocked: You Weren’t In. – Opportunity“. Sarah captured an opportunity that she didn’t see coming. There was no planning. She did put herself in a situation that no others have been in before. We can assume it was uncomfortable but she did it anyway. She knew that it could lead to other opportunities. Sports often put you in situations where you take chances, feel uncomfortable and always strive for something more. It is those life lessons that we love.


Sarah has GRIT. Besides that she was making HER-story, there was another story unfolding. Her soccer team won the SEC championship, which is amazing. She was the backup goalie, after dealing with many injuries during her career, the red-shirt freshman was named starter for the 2020 season. That could have set any athlete back but Sarah has grit. This is a quality that every coach wants from their players. When she made her way over to football, her grit was able to carry her thru and she was able to handle being thrust in the spotlight for football. 


And now you have COVID for the 2020 season, which has stopped seasons and teams in their tracks. Or in the case of Sarah Fuller, presented an opportunity. The Vanderbilt football team had specialists out due to cases of covid, they were down players which presented an opportunity. They contacted Sarah to see if she would be willing to suit up as a football player, as a kicker. Let’s face it, you never know when you are going to get that call. Carpe Diem or Seize the Day! So many little girls watching have said, “That could be me.” – Well Done!

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February 1, 2021

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