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On-Site Way to Help Diagnose Concussions

It’s no secret that sports concussions are a growing concern. What’s surprising is that recent studies show nearly 40% of concussed youth athletes STILL return to play the same day. Why do so many still fly under the radar? Warning signs can be tough to detect with the naked eye.
That’s why HitCheck designed a mobile app that helps everyday people screen for signs of concussion in minutes—anywhere they play or practice—using only a smartphone. Drawing on decades of medical research, HitCheck takes prevailing standardized testing methods and translates them into a short mobile assessment anyone can administer on the spot.
The concept is simple – through a series of neurocognitive tests, the app measures brain functions impacted by concussions, such as balance, coordination and reaction time. Once the test is complete, HitCheck records and compares each test-taker’s results against their personal baseline performance and highlights changes that may require additional medical attention.
The app is FREE for individual users and available to teams, leagues and organizations of all types and sizes for a modest per-team fee, which covers extra features like a roster upload tool, team management dashboards and player performance reports.
To learn more about the HitCheck app and its affordable team plans, visit or watch this 90-second overview video.

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November 15, 2017

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