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Why Steph Curry Played Multiple Sports

Steph Curry talks about the benefits and life lessons he learned playing multiple sports. And how it brought him outside his comfort zone, built his confidence, and taught him how to fail and recover. While trends in youth sports has been more about specialization, more and more athletes and coaches are pushing being a multi sport athlete. The benefits are endless. 

Benefits of being a multi sport athlete:

Being Comfortable being Uncomfortable

When you play different sports, there are times when you may not be the best player on the team. This allows you to be uncomfortable. That is ok. It is ok to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Knowing how to deal with adversity helps you improve your IQ and mindset when competing.

Building Confidence like Steph Curry

Being a confidence athlete helps you succeed in your sport. But confidence is built and keeping confidence is tough. Playing more than one sport helps you build confidence by learning different skills and using different muscle memory.

Dealing with Failure

Life is built on learning lessons from failure. Sports are a great way to do this every day. Athletes make mistakes on the field and it isn’t the mistake but how the athlete deals with it. This trait is easy to translate to your daily life.

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February 13, 2023

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