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Summer Youth Sports Tournament Travel Tips

What are some of the items that you like to pack and bring to summer youth sports tournaments? We are excited to get back to traveling for summer sports. From players to parents to coaches, it is great to get everyone back playing, watching and coaching the sports we love. We also know that there are items to pack and bring to make a weekend away much more enjoyable. Sometimes you are in the middle of nowhere and need something important so this list is here to help you whether you are in a bind or not. 

At iSport360, we are sports moms, dads, and coaches so who better to pull together a list of favorite items to bring when for your youth sports tournaments. Youth Tournament Travel Tips, we first start out with what we need to think about before we pack.

Tips: 3 Things to Think About Before You Pack

  1. Weather – there are usually weather changes like storms or heat and humidity, having items that can adapt to keep your gear and yourself dry is important
  2. Your equipment – double check your equipment before you leave to make sure it is safe and ready to go
  3. The Extras – wipes, masks, medicines or other products you may need access to quickly

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Tips: 10 things you need to bring to a summer travel tournament


Check your equipment before you leave. Is everything in working order? I know some parents bring screwdrivers for lacrosse sticks or duct tape for goalie equipment (like in field hockey). Regardless of your sport, double check that your items are in working order.

Portable and healthy snacks

Bring snacks that don’t melt and can travel well. We like apples, oranges, grapes, peanut butter packs, beef jerkey and packaged snacks like Honey Stinger. They have delicious honey and organic ingredients so you can push harder and go farther. And they taste great.

Garbage bag

Toss a couple in your sports bag or car. They are great for collecting garbage. For some sports, a backpack fits into a bag and can help your gear stay dry. 

Cold Towels

We love those small cold towels that you can freeze and toss in your cooler. They are great to cool down your athlete on hot days. Remember to place them on your wrist or back of your neck, this will cool you down the fastest. 

Extra socks/sneakers/cleats

As a long time coach, I am a big believer in making sure your feet are comfortable and dry. Bring extra socks and sports shoes to ensure that you stay dry. We also love the tip from one of our folks at iSport360, remember to bring slides too.

Rain Gear

During the summer, the weather changes quickly. It is important to be prepared to keep both your gear dry and yourself dry. 

Water/sports drink

Bring lots of water and sports drinks of your choice. You never know if the vending tents will run out and you need something quickly. Also, remember to bring your own personal water bottle like a Hydro Flask so you can keep your water or drinks cold. 

Air mattress

This may be an odd item however my family and I have traveled. We arrived at a hotel only to have 1 bed. This is a great back up in case the hotel doesn’t have an extra bed (which is what has happened to my family in the past).


Bring sunscreen and carry it in your bag. Make sure you apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day. Check out waterproof sports sunscreen

Portable charger

Remember your portable charger for your phone. Tournaments have not caught up with other venues in regards to having portable charging stations so make sure you bring your own. 

After a year of covid, we hope you have a great time on the field. We hope you loved our Summer Youth Sports Tournament Travel Tips. We wish you the best of luck in your games. Did we miss anything? What else do you bring to our tourneys that helps keep your player(s) happy, safe and healthy? 

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June 8, 2021

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