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Team Building: How to Build a Great Team Culture On the Road

The word team means a group of players forming one side in a competitive game or sport. We know it is much more than that. A great team is built on a foundation of values. The coach and players set the tone for a team and a great culture. It isn’t a once and done thing, it is on-going work that needs to be consistent at all levels and at all times. 

So, how do you transfer that on the road when you are traveling away from home for games? 

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Tip 1: Stay Together 

Traveling together should also mean staying together. Marriott Bonvoy hotels can arrange blocks of rooms so that your team can stay close together, making it easier for you to keep everyone informed and accounted for. Coaches love this, it allows them an opportunity to connect with players and families.

And when you stay together, you can do more activities together. It is always great to get to know your teammates on a personal level. 

Tip 2: Plan a Fun Activity Together Off Field

We know that you love going to tournaments and playing your sport. And you do it with all of your friends. So why not plan a fun activity off the field where you guys can explore the town/city you are visiting. It is a great way to bond. It may help some players that don’t normally socialize within the team to hang out away from home. 

And when you bond together off the field, the team unites on the field. 

Tip 3: Have a Team Meeting On and Off the Field

Part of preparing for a game is the team meeting. It helps to go over your plan of action for your competition. The other thing we love about team meetings is that it calms the team down and lessens nervousness. If you have a plan and feel prepared before your game, you feel more confident when you get on the field, court, etc.

Tip 4: Go Out To Dinner 

Everyone has to eat. It is a great way for players and parents to hang out over a good meal. It allows you to interact with families and get to know them on a more personal level. 

If you go out to dinner, don’t forget to ask the locals where to go for a large group. Usually restaurants will make a reservation for larger groups. If they can’t put everyone together at dinner, you can split up by players in one group and parents in another. Let’s face it, the players usually want to eat by themselves with their parents lurking around. 

Tip 5: Team Bonding Game Ideas

Get to play some games at the venue or back at your hotel. We found a fun list from Sign-Up Genius. There are some great ideas both at the hotel, at the venue and just anywhere you can think of. And let’s face it, we play sports to have FUN. 

Have fun at your next travel tournament and don’t forget to book it through Marriott Bonvoy. They specialize in youth sports and have everything on property to make your home away from home. 

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October 10, 2022

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