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This Independence Day, Learning from our Young Athletes about Overcoming Adversity

Independence Day had a different feel this year, it is about overcoming adversity.  Typically reserved for fireworks displays, backyard barbecues, swimming at the pool, the lake or the ocean.  But anything that used to be normal is now in question among a pandemic and civil unrest in America.

This is a time of adversity that requires more listening, learning, respect and cooperation, we all know that. But, I believe our nation can learn a lot from our young athletes about how to persevere.  Here are six examples:

1) Sense of Team:  

Every member of the team knows they need to gel with the other members of the team regardless of their race, religion or heritage.  That all becomes secondary when the pressure is on and the game is on the line.  We look past differences and find common goals.

2) Team Pride:  

Every teammate knows they need to have pride in their team before they can build a winning culture.  Same goes for a nation.

3) Sacrifice:  

Baseball players, more than any other sport, know that sometimes we need to take a sacrifice for the good of the team.  We put our ego aside for a moment to help our team get the “W”.

4) Leadership:  

Team leaders know how to get the best out of each player at game time.

5) Desire:  

A team can’t win unless every player has the desire to learn, improve and help the team.

6) Playing through injury:  

Athletes get hurt, get sick, get knocked down, there’s no doubt.  But for the sake of the team we push through physical and mental blows because our team needs us.

Ironically, we are the ones who taught our kids all of these lessons. Now more than ever we need to apply them to the challenges we are facing in our nation today.

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July 7, 2020

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