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What Makes for Great Coaches? Hint: Action Oriented

Coaches play a pivotal role not only in teaching athletic skills but also in shaping character, instilling discipline, and fostering a sense of teamwork. They are the mentors who guide young athletes through the highs and lows of competition, preparing them not just for the game but for life beyond the field or court.

However, what sets apart exceptional coaches from the rest is their action-oriented approach – a commitment to proactive leadership and continuous improvement that transcends wins and losses.

Unleashing Potential through Action

Great youth sports coaches understand that action speaks louder than words. They are not content with merely giving instructions from the sidelines; they lead by example, actively demonstrating the values they seek to instill in their players. Whether it’s showing resilience in the face of defeat, displaying sportsmanship in victory, or putting in the hard work during training sessions, these coaches embody the principles of dedication and perseverance.

Moreover, they recognize the unique strengths and weaknesses of each player and take proactive steps to nurture their potential. Through personalized feedback, individualized training plans, and constructive criticism, they empower young athletes to push beyond their limits and reach new heights of performance. By taking decisive action to address areas of improvement, these coaches create a culture of growth and development where every player feels valued and supported.

Building Character through Accountability

Accountability is another cornerstone of the action-oriented coaching philosophy. Instead of making excuses or placing blame, great coaches take responsibility for their decisions and actions, setting a positive example for their team. They hold themselves to the same high standards they expect from their players and are quick to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them.

Furthermore, these coaches foster a culture of accountability within the team, where every member understands their role and responsibilities. By establishing clear expectations and consequences, they create a sense of ownership and pride in the collective success of the group. Whether it’s showing up on time for practice, giving 100% effort during games, or supporting teammates both on and off the field, players learn that their actions have a direct impact on the team’s performance and morale.

Embracing Innovation and Adaptability

In the ever-evolving landscape of youth sports, adaptability is essential for success. Great coaches understand that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow and are willing to embrace innovation to stay ahead of the game. Whether it’s implementing new training techniques, incorporating cutting-edge technology, or adapting strategies to fit the strengths of their team, they are constantly seeking ways to improve and evolve.

Moreover, these coaches understand the importance of fostering a growth mindset in their players, encouraging them to embrace challenges and learn from failures. Instead of dwelling on setbacks, they view them as opportunities for growth and development. By instilling a sense of resilience and adaptability, they prepare young athletes to navigate the ups and downs of sports and life with confidence and determination.


In conclusion, youth sports coaches have the power to shape the lives of their players in profound ways. By adopting an action-oriented approach centered on empowerment, accountability, and adaptability, they can unlock the full potential of their team and cultivate a culture of excellence that extends far beyond the playing field. As mentors and role models, they have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of athletes to dream big, work hard, and never stop striving for greatness.

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About the author: 

Amy Masters is a sports mom, coach, and club administrator. She has been coaching youth sports for more than 10 years. She started Jr Lions Field Hockey, the youth recreation program for the Hunterdon County community growing it from 40 players in year 1 to 150 players by year 3. A few years later, she saw the love and competitiveness grow then started Omega Field Hockey Club serving NJ and PA players. Before coaching, she was a collegiate field hockey player for Lock Haven University. In her spare time (lol), she is head of marketing for iSport360 and the co-editor of the Youth Sports Survival Guide. The Youth Sports Survival Guide is the largest youth sports newsletter in the world.

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March 10, 2024

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