Over the last year we have welcomed feedback from our 40,000 app users and newsletter subscribers.  The result of your input and our team’s hard work is the new downloadable version 2.0 that went live in the app stores yesterday.  New design, new features, mobile-friendly, better navigation….and now with a messaging platform so you can close the feedback loop between coaches, parents and players.

apple_isport360 Google_iSport360

To get started:
—Download the mobile app (or update if you have the old version)
—Set up your account in 30 seconds or less.
—View iSport360 SPORT STANDARDS for your player that are sport-, age- and gender-specific.
—Receive and respond to post-game COACH FEEDBACK.
—Receive periodic player EVALUATIONS from coach.
—Have your player periodically complete their own SELF-EVALUATION to share with coaches.
—Share STICKERS and emojis with other players on the team who played great in a game, practice or tournament.
While this app continues to be free for everyone for the next couple of weeks, we will begin charging sports-parents $2.99/mo later this month.  So SIGN UP TODAY!