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5 Keys to Maximizing Basketball Skill Development

If a player really wants to improve at the game of basketball here is some advice for maximum development. Improvement should involve several key areas. Read on for our 5 keys to maximize basketball skill development.

Hard Skill Development

First, focus on hard skill development. Hard skills are acquired through intentional focus and repetition. This includes shooting, ball handling and offensive skills. A serious player may work on these about 2-5 hours per day depending on ability, age and specific goals. Hard skill improvement is linked to investment of time. Too many times players are so focused on practicing advanced skills.  When this happens they haven’t yet mastered the critical fundamentals to build from.

Female High School Basketball Team Playing Game

Female High School Basketball Team Playing Game In The Gym

Soft Skill Development

The second focus should be on soft skill development. This should include the understanding of the game and learning the nuances to react. This is best accomplished in a very competitive and intensive setting which allows for many opportunities to get the ball. Find a good gym or a group of competitive players and play lots of one-on-one and three-on-three – anything that provides more touches with the ball isolates hard skill work. Five-on-five is one of the slowest ways to build skills because of the simple reality that players get less time with the ball. 

Develop a Physical Training Plan

Third, develop a specific physical training plan. It can include building strength, quickness and vertical jump. Meet with a trainer to evaluate strengths and weaknesses. Work to build an intensive workout which emphasizes growth in these areas.

Develop A Mental Plan

Fourth, develop a mental plan working on confidence, personal faith, and mental toughness. This is a crucial separator between good and great athletes.

Male High School Basketball Team Playing Game

Find a Mentor

Finally, find a mentor who can help with planning. This person can provide accountability to set goals. The reason why camp is such a great training place is because players can experience both hard and soft skill training. They get an improvement plan in place and they can make the important needed changes.

NBC Basketball Camps are a perfect place to work on all five keys of basketball skill development.

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March 7, 2022

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