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Sports Parent Advice from a True Trailblazer

Thanks to our friends at Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) and Coach Steve Kerr for sharing some sports parent advice. His advice is even more meaningful as we put COVID-19 behind us and return to play.  For more than thirty years, PCA has been a trailblazer in youth sports, and Steve Kerr has been a Trail Blazer too (Portland Trail Blazers that is). 

And so we’ve taken inspiration from both of them to create a one-of-a-kind youth sports platform that embodies everything that PCA and Steve Kerr preach. Our platform focuses on all of the things that help a youth sports athlete not only excel on the field but in life. Our platform has features including practice assignment sharing, goal setting, virtual locker room communication and player evaluations.

Youth Sports Advice – 5 Tips

  • Empower kids to communicate for themselves, get feedback directly from the coach and drive their own development.
  • Encourage kids to build relationships with their teammates, practice leadership skills and establish their team culture 
  • Help parents understand that their role is to support their player. Re-inforce coach instructions and provide encouragement to players on the team.
  • Give coaches simple/engaging tools to support the best practices they learn at PCA workshops and training programs.
  • Create an environment where all stakeholders in youth sports put personal growth of our young athletes ahead of winning. The wins will come.

Watch the full Steve Kerr interview here and read more about PCA’ s mission here.  And learn more about the iSport360 app for youth sports teams and clubs here.

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