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Kobe on Preparing Your Kids for Adversity

Kobe on preparing your kids for adversity. The life lessons we learned from Kobe are endless.  Can you believe how much our world has changed since he left us just a year ago? Man do I miss this guy!  The country needs Kobe more than ever.   But, thank goodness for the powerful messages he left with us. 

Tips from the Video on How Parents Can Help

In this clip, Kobe talks about preparing your kids for adversity. Also how parents can step back and let their kids learn from adversity too.  As fellow coaches, it is good for players to be uncomfortable. It is good to let your kids figure things out on their own. Because the way our kids learn to deal with adversity on the field will be very indicative of the way they deal with it in life. And there’s plenty of it to go around these days. 

Illustration by Riley Goldberg.

How iSport360 Can Help Handle Adversity

As we continue to have to be agile in ways we never imagined a year ago, we need to help our athletes prepare on an ongoing basis. During practice, let them take risks and try something new. Let them practice actual tactics that make them feel uncomfortable like shooting off of their week leg. When an athlete is playing in a game, things happen quickly and on the move, let them practice in the security of practice with support of coaches. 

Coaches need to be supportive. The changes that youth sports athletes have had to endure are big. Depending on where you live, sports have been an on again and off again endeavor. School has been virtual, hybrid or in-person and in some cases all three. The ability to adapt to change has been so important so we support all of the coaches working with youth sports athletes to help them work through it and come out stronger than ever.

Thanks to Aspen Institute Project Play, as always, for capturing another priceless Kobe moment.

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February 16, 2021

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