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⭐ The Best News of 2017 ⭐ . . . 🍎?!


Hi Coaches, Parents, & Players,

Seriously, what is cooler than getting an email from Apple on the first day of 2017 saying that your app went LIVE in their App Store??? Our launch in the App Stores is a milestone worth celebrating for our team and the 1,300 registered users who have shared feedback on the early versions of iSport360.  A million thanks to all of you.

So, now it is easier than ever for coaches and their team parents to share feedback on their players.  Would you please download and give it a try?  Would you ask your team coaches to set up your team on iSport360? And would you share this email with friends who you think would be interested in a simple tool that enables coaches and parents to share objective and valuable feedback on their players?

Our latest features:

—The iSport360 App can set sport-, age- and gender-appropriate goals for your Winter or Spring Teams.

—Coaches can share post-game or post-practice feedback using our “Share Today’s Feedback” feature.

—Parents can share positive feedback with team players using popular emojis.

—Coaches can spend 90 seconds to complete objective player evaluations for any of their winter teams.

—Parents can have their kids complete self-evaluations.

—Coaches can view our Team Assessment Report to see how their Spring Team is shaping up.

—iSport360 works for the most popular team sports including:  baseball, basketball, cheerleading, futsal, ice hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball (we are constantly adding new sports)

Sincere thanks for being part of our revolution in youth sports.

Ian and the iSport360 Team



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January 12, 2017

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