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Are Kids The Most Underserved In Youth Sports? 🤔


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The Most Underserved Community In Youth Sports May Be The Kids (What?!?!)


MLB superstar Johnny Damon and I sat down for an interview at the National Alliance for Youth Sports Annual Congress. The topic of the conversation: what is most alarming thing that you see in youth sports today? Click here to watch the two minute interview.

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Thanks Again To Hockey Canada For Reminding Us “It’s Just A Game!”


Thank you to Hockey Canada for creating a campaign so we can understand how our kids feel when we fall prey to the temptations of sideline coaching. Enjoy a laugh from this short clip but let’s remember: It’s Just A Game. Click here to watch the video.

The Decline Of Free Play: TED Talk With Peter Gray


This TEDx talk has my head spinning with reasons why we need to get our kids into “free play” environments. The research is pretty staggering: young animals (monkeys, rats etc.) who are deprived of “free play” lack so many social and emotional life skills. So why do we continue to have our kids playing only in structured play environments? Click here to view an amazing and eye-opening TEDx talk from researcher Peter Gray.

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February 19, 2020

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