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Celebrating the Small Wins From the Field

You never thought making your bed every morning could impact your abilities in the gym or on the field, but it most certainly can. This isn’t because it will make your mom happy or make you feel like less of a slob, it relates back to the idea of ‘small wins.’

What are small wins?

Small wins are the concept of finding success in ordinary or seemingly insignificant activities and using that as a springboard for growth throughout the day. Making your bed each morning is one easy way to start your day on the right foot. Going for a run rather than playing video games or even grabbing that banana instead of cookies for a midday snack are other examples of small wins to earn throughout your day.

The feeling of joy or accomplishment that accompanies these decisions is what will make you practice that much better and achieve that much more.

Small wins are a concept I first learned about as a kid on the baseball field. My coach, also starring in a leading role as my father, would always push the idea of building on small wins during practices. We would start by playing catch with a partner and he would challenge us to make 20 consecutive throws without a drop, taking one step back after each throw.

If the ball hit the ground, the two players get back together and start from zero. The idea was to set a goal and achieve it before any fly balls were hit or grounders were fielded. We started practice by earning an easy win and were thus primed to keep winning as the day continued.

How to create success?

Success and achievement are powerful catalysts that can lend themselves into all aspects of your life. The mind and body respond to success positively and create an inherent drive or desire for more. That is why making your bed each morning or choosing the right breakfast food is so important to building out a successful day.

Those small wins you earned each morning can help build momentum at school, work or in the gym to try just a little bit harder and achieve a little bit more.

The choices you make throughout the day are vital to the type of energy and effort you exert during training. That drive for success will transfer over into the gym, where you might push yourself to do a few more reps on the bench or run that extra mile. Your workouts will be better, you will feel more accomplished at the end of the day, and, eventually, you will see substantive progress in your strength and skills.

Small wins are a way to form good habits and put you on the right track to achieve your athletic goals. You may start with making your bed each morning but, before long, you will be forcing yourself to hit ten free throws before each practice or running a mile before every workout.

The wins may seem small to start, but each win is important to building character and forming the positive habits you’ll need to succeed.

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March 10, 2023

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