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We Made It to the Cover of TIME Magazine

TIME_Magazine_YouthSportsOver the last year, our community of sports parents has surpassed 40,000 subscribers because youth sports has become an unruly beast.  It’s the $15B elephant in the room that has taken over our finances, our schedules, our dinner conversation and affected relationships with our kids, their coaches and other sports parents.  While iSport360 has raised many of these issues in our newsletter and brought you education, tools and humor to help cope, we now have the attention of the world as TIME Magazine made YOUTH SPORTS its cover story this week.
We commend Sean Gregory for the most thorough yet succinct coverage of the good, the bad and the ugly in youth sports today.  While most of the big companies in youth sports are providing solutions to sports leagues, clubs and coaches, iSport360 is committed to providing education and tools for sports parents who are dealing with these issues every day.  Thank you to Sean and TIME Magazine for amazing coverage and for finally putting into words the thoughts, feelings and frustrations that millions of sports parents deal with every day.

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September 5, 2017

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