Sports psychologists work on building self-aware athletes as much as educators strive to build self-aware students.  Self-awareness is a state of mind that is missing from almost all of our young athletes today.

Creating Self-Awareness

 Why?  Because there is a tremendous lack of ongoing and realistic feedback from coaches.  And to be fair, most of them don’t have the time or the tools to share feedback.  That’s where we are helping.

How Can They Develop Awareness

How can a young athlete be aware of how they stack up to their goals, their peers, their competitors without a healthy dose of feedback from their coach?  This insightful infographic from English company BelievePerform gives suggestions for sharing feedback….and making iSport360 your player feedback platform supports all of them.  A leader in elite athlete development, BelievePerform recognizes the importance of feedback for players, parents and coaches.

Are You A Youth Sports Parent Or Coach?

If you are a youth sport parent or coach and you really do want to share ongoing feedback, please set objective goals and conduct fair player evaluations with our app at