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How We Can Fix the Broken Youth Sports Model

In Episode 68 of the 4D Athletes Podcast, Jim and Jason are joined by Ian Goldberg from iSport360.

4D Athletes Podcast

About iSport360:

Ian Goldberg is the Founder and CEO of iSport360, an early stage youth sports technology company that is helping young athletes, coaches and parents improve communication, player development and team culture. Ian’s career started at the White House where he worked for the economic advisors to two US Presidents and then spent more than half of his career in product management and sales for early stage technology companies.

Outside of his role leading iSport360, Ian is an Advisory Board member for the National Alliance for Youth Sports. He is the Editor of a youth sports newsletter reaching nearly 200,000 and recently launched GiveSport360 to provide iSport360 at no cost to sports teams and clubs in under-served communities. But most of all Ian loves his role as a #girldad and as a volunteer sports coach for his two daughters.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • I’d like to start off by talking about fun vs winning… How do we make sports more fun again?
  • What are ways we can build a better youth sports culture?
  • What are conversations you can have to make sure parents, coaches and players are on the same page regards to goals for the season?
  • Why is shoot the most dangerous word in youth basketball?
  • What are some strategies that parents can implement to stay calm.
  • What are some ways to make the experience a positive one for their children?
  • How can parents be more mindful and not allow the emotion of sports to have them react in a negative way?
  • When is the proper times for parents to communicate for their children? What is the best approach for them communicating with a coach?
  • Can you help us better understand the psychology of sports parents?
  • It is important for coaches to have a coaching purpose that can be their compass throughout the season?
  • How can building better sports cultures improve the social emotional health of athletes?
  • As coaches we need to realize we are role models at all levels.
  • A unique way that some organizations are creating a culture of sportsmanship before the competition.
  • How do we get to a culture of more gratitude and appreciation for our competitors?
  • What are some strategies coaches can use to help their athletes who are struggling with low confidence, anxiety, and depression? 
  • And Much More…

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Take Care and Have a Blessed Day,

Jason Holzer and Jim Huber

4D Athletes

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April 25, 2022

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