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Is COVID-19 the End of High Fives, Fist Bumps and Butt Pats… We Hope Not!🙌👊🖐

In 2006 Steve Nash was named MVP by the NBA and led the league in high fives, fist bumps and butt pats (WHAT???).  It’s true!  In this video, Alan Stein Jr.  one of the most powerful storytellers and motivational keynote speakers, explains how high fives, fist bumps and butt pats were the magic behind Nash’s MVP trophy and his team’s success.

But the COVID-19 suspension of sports is putting human touch in jeopardy:  will we ever bring back celebratory hugs after a victory, high five lines after a game, fist bumps after a great play.  When it’s safe to play sports again, let’s not lose that physical connection.

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April 14, 2020

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