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Veteran Sports Exec Jene Elzie Joins iSport360 as Advisory Board Member

New York City, NY (Wednesday, February 20, 2019)–iSport360, Inc. (, the early stage youth sports software company has announced that veteran sports executive Jene Elzie has been named a member of its Board of Advisors.

“iSport360 is helping a really disconnected part of the youth sport experience,” said Elzie, a former student athlete and Stanford gymnast. “By getting coaches, parents and kids more engaged and on the same page, iSport360 is helping kids have more success, more confidence and more fun.”

The iSport360 platform enables coaches and parents to set goals, share player feedback and track player progress throughout the season and at tryout time.  The company also publishes an informative and frequently funny newsletter “The Chaotic World of Youth Sports,” which is read by 60,000 progressive sports parents and coaches.

Founder and CEO Ian Goldberg, a sports parent and a coach of two young daughters, is on a crusade to improve the youth sports experience for coaches, parents and most importantly the young athletes.  “Jene has such a passion for kids in sports and keeping kids active and, most important, promoting positive messages in youth sports,” Goldberg says.  “She also has built incredible relationships within the sports industry that can help increase iSport360 adoption on a grand scale.  

In her role, Jene will help iSport360 build relationships with the pro sports community, advise on business development deals and help implement best practices and protocols as iSport360 evolves its Advisory Board.

“We are thrilled to have this true all-star join our Board”, Goldberg added.

About Jene Elzie

Jene is an experienced sports and entertainment executive, who has led global sales and marketing teams at blue-chip companies such as the NBA, NBC Universal and Fox Sports.  Equally as impressive is the Board and Advisory work that Jene does for Stanford University and early stage companies in sports and entertainment. Jene is no stranger to success in youth sports as she was a nationally recognized gymnast in her youth and while attending Stanford. 

About iSport360

iSport360 is an early-stage youth SportsTech company with over 11,000 youth sport coaches, parents and kids sharing feedback, setting goals and conducting player evaluations…all with the goal of helping young athletes have more success and stay active.  They also have over 60,000 subscribers to their informative and frequently funny youth sports newsletter.  Their products and thought leadership have gained them accolades and endorsements from the biggest organizations in youth sports such as Positive Coaching Alliance, National Alliance for Youth Sports, TeamSnap, Changing the Game Project and more.

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Ian Goldberg

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February 19, 2019

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