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Halftime Heroes: Lindsay Berra

Lindsay Berra is an accomplished athlete, sports journalist, and most recently, movie producer, but she still loves being best known as Yogi’s granddaughter.

As big fans of Lindsay (and her grandpa), we were honored to interview her, learn about her first-time experience as a movie producer, and most importantly, hear about her own youth sports experience (Spoiler Alert:  Lindsay hated her little league nickname and her dad may have rubbed that in a bit).

What have you been up to?

Working with Mustard Technology. Mustard, co-founded by legendary pitching coach Tom House, provides the same personalized assessments and training that the world’s best athletes receive. 

What has your experience been with youth sports and youth sports parents?

Lindsay laughs at it now, but her dad called her “E6” when she was growing up, because of a ground ball she booted at shortstop when she was 10 years old.  

Can you talk about Yogi Berra’s Legacy and your movie “It Ain’t Over”?

He was an 18-time All-Star and won 10 World Series championships as a player—more than any other player in MLB history. Berra had a career batting average of .285, while hitting 358 home runs and 1,430 runs batted in. He is one of only six players to win the American League Most Valuable Player Award three times. He was also beloved by many, especially NY Yankee and NY Mets fans – taking both teams to a world series, losing in game 7 with both teams.

The goal was to capture the character of Yogi Berra and take us back to a simpler time and a love of baseball. 

We love the last one. It is an all-important goal in youth sports, just to have fun and build a love of the game. Isn’t that why we play in the first place? 

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About Lindsey Berra:

Lindsay Berra is a freelance sports journalist based in Montclair, NJ. At from January 2013 through January 2018, she established herself as an authority on baseball fitness and injuries and appeared frequently on MLB Network to discuss her stories. From 1999 through 2012, she was a senior writer for ESPN Magazine, covering primarily ice hockey, tennis, baseball, and the Olympics. Lindsay received her undergraduate degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she played varsity softball and men’s club ice hockey. She is the oldest grandchild of Yogi and Carmen Berra and is a board member at the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center in Little Falls, NJ.

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April 8, 2024

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