Share Valuable Post-Game (Or Practice) Feedback Quickly & Easily

Share Valuable Post-Game (or Post-Practice) Feedback Quickly & Easily

Click here to see how iSport360 is helping coaches and parents share objective feedback on their players. 

Hi Coaches,

If you are like me, you probably leave every game with a few important points that you would have liked to communicate to a players on your team, but just didn’t get the chance.  And now iSport360 has an amazing feature that helps you share those valuable bits of feedback quickly and easily from your mobile device. From your roster page just click the button that says “Share Today’s Feedback” (see picture below) and then take 90 seconds to share those few post-game thoughts….before they fade into the sunset.  Give it a try….your players and team parents will thank you.

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iSport360 Share Feedback

Have a great fall & winter season!

— Ian and the iSport360 Team

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