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Tips on Running Your Youth Sports Team Meeting

Hey Coach, so the team meeting is on your mind and you aren’t sure where to start. While your players may have a short attention span, you must keep the team meeting short, sweet and to the point.  

Here are some of our tips to make it good for your players and families. 

soccer players in the huddle

How to run a team meeting?

  • Have a goal for your meeting: Think about what you want to accomplish during the meeting. Make sure you have 3 things you want players and parents to remember from the meeting. Your goals should align to the task at hand – the tournament or event you are playing.
  • Have an agenda: Have a clear agenda and communicate that to parents and players. Your players want to know what to expect so they can prepare ahead of the meeting. Keep your agenda simple, once you know the goal of the meeting, focus your efforts on that goal. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you allow time to have your team provide feedback. Make it a 2 way dialogue. 

  • Set a time limit and stick to it: Everyone wants to know the start time and end time. If it is a 15 min meeting, keep it 15 mins. 

Why are they important? 

  • Brings team together: Nothing is better than having the team together (we made a rhyme). The team gets to be together, discuss their sport and focus on the mental part of the game. 

Pro Tip: The mental part of the game is just as important. Allow your players to think about the game, not just play it

  • Keeps communication clear: After long trips on a plane or care, it is important to bring the team together. Make sure your communication is clear and to the point. Give your players 1 to 3 things to remember like the goal of the weekend. 

Where do you run the meeting? 

  • Pick an easy to find location: Every team needs to meet. And whether it’s about X’s and O’s, or about game day logistics, or post-game celebrations, Marriott Bonvoy® has the meeting rooms that let you bring everyone together. Like we have said in the past, teams that stay together, play together. The same goes for meetings. Talk to your Marriott Bonvoy® rep. They can help you set up a meeting place for your team. 

Pro Tip: Pick an easy to find but private area for the team

Wishing you and your team the best of luck in your upcoming tournaments! Remember, have fun because isn’t that why we play sports?!?

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December 7, 2022

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