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The Chaotic World of Youth Sports — Vol 51

iSport360_ChaoticWorldYouthSportsAs a sports parent and coach, I know how complicated youth sports can be at times. So I’d like to share some helpful articles that shed light on the challenges we face… and some funny ones that might even give us an opportunity to laugh at ourselves. Please enjoy… and please click here to try our iSport360 app, which is the first-ever platform for coaches and parents to share objective player feedback.

When kids and youth athletes tell us how they really feel, it makes it so much easier for sports parents to avoid coaching from the sidelines. And there’s no need for the “post-game analysis” in the car ride home. Click here to watch the video.

Player Feedback Starts With This Button 👉   Unknown-1
Research tells us that kids don’t learn from Report Cards, Test Scores, or end-of-season Evaluations. They learn from ongoing feedback—timely, actionable, & objective feedback. Click here to read the full article.

talent-developsSaving Our Kids From “The Comparison Trap”

As more and more children battle to be the best at younger and younger ages, what is the damage to those children around them, who spend large amounts of time comparing themselves to their higher performing peers in terms of their own long term development and potential future participation? Potentially it is huge and we must do all that we can as parents and educators to avoid the children we are involved with getting sucked into ‘The Comparison Trap’. Click here to read the story.

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April 25, 2018

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